Skwirrel offers a simple PIM system in which DAM is integrated. No hassle with external storage locations and / or links, all together in one place. With web services, this data can be shared with other systems / platforms, such as 2BA and / or website / shop.

In short, one central environment for all your product-related data.

From a user-friendly environment, an unlimited number of products and sales units can be provided with multilingual descriptions, marketing texts, ETIM dynamic features and attachments such as images, assembly instructions, user manuals, certificates, video etc.

By designing roles, responsibilities can be separated, for example Henriette who keeps track of images and Henk who adds article features to the ETIM classification or Harry who adds technical drawings.

Do you also want to get a grip on your data with a simple system with a low learning curve? Then contact us for a no-obligation demonstration at your location.