The strength of our team is in our motto

Skwirrel has been developed in co-creation by users and data managers. It is made by people from the workplace for people from the workplace. This has created a nice synergy between supply and demand. Acceptance during implementation therefore went smoothly.

By using logical screens and low data density, the product is made suitable for everyone.

Skwirrel is an ETIM compatible product information management (PIM) tool in which the user’s articles can be classified and enriched using the ETIM method. Images and extra attachments can also be kept in a very user-friendly way.

Without you we are not a team

We are a team that unites different disciplines. This has created a strong partnership with specialist knowledge. Think of database management, BPM (business process management and modeling), software design, project management, industry knowledge, etc. And you are actually part of our team, because you know what you want like no other.

In this way we create order and structure together in complex environments.