Skwirrel is a PIM system for anyone who wants to get large amounts of data to be expanded in an easy way with ETIM-features, pictures, product sheets, etcetera …

Skwirrel is developed in co-creation by users and data managers. Therefore, the system is both simple and technologically superior. It fits perfectly in the daily practice of manufacturers and/or wholesalers.

Updates not necessary when using an online database

Skwirrel is an online database that stores and retains all the current functionalities. Re-implementations are therefore redundant and also updates are a thing of the past. The database is always up to date.

Importing and exporting data

All file formats can be imported and exported. Exchange of data will become very easy. Do you know what data has to be exported? Skwirrel takes care of it. Already enriched data files by producer or supplier can be imported to minimalise the manual labour.

Data delegation functionality (segment)

Within Skwirrel a bundle products (or product groups) can be delegated to a group or single persons. For each bundle the percentage of filled data is shown. It’s clearly visible what still needs to be done and those visible rates are an incentive for users to kick it up a notch.


For installation branch the ETIM (European technical information Model) is a standard classification. This classification ensures that products with the same specifications can be grouped. Within the electrical industry this creates uniformity and recognition.

Dynamic publication of ETIM standard

The latest version of ETIM is has a dynamic publication. This means that any change in classification parts, will be directly available. There are no more static versions. The advantage: ETIM follows trends in the market and will add important changes to the standard. The standard is always up-to-date.

ETIM Modelling Class

ETIM MC (formerly ETIM RT) stands for ETIM Modelling Classes and is an extension to the ‘ base ‘ ETIM classification for technical products. In addition to the basic ETIM-classes gives ETIM MC specific parameters to the appropriate products to model as a 3D geometric object and/or parameters for engineering applications. MC-classes are also called product models. Because the MC classes cannot be seen from the attached master classes (identified by the well-known EC-code), the latter also an integral part of an ETIM MC publication.


Skwirrel also supports ETIM Up. This allows you to mutate classified data from old ETIM versions easily to the dynamic publication. This way you can swiftly update to the current standard.

“Thanks to the simple operation of Skwirrel I can manage and update my articles. It’s great.”



At 2BA all technical specifications and trade data of producers and wholesalers from the installation sector are gathered in one database. For all parties daily exchange of data with 2ba is possible, so you always have the most current data available. Skwirrel can automate this process for you.


InstallData is the Belgian version of 2BA. Manufacturers can join Fesah in Belgium in order to publish their articles with specifications via InstallData. Technically this is similar to 2BA but on the data quality are different requirements, for example with regard to multilingualism. In Skwirrel you can choose what languages you want to apply to your data. All by ETIM padded languages are possible.In the user panel you have an overview of the languages you selected.