Geeky performance and bad jokes.

We're a bit crazy. Crazy about programming, improving, and performance. Crazy about our fantastic PIM system that we work very hard on with our small team. Customers get a clear solution from us for centralizing product information based on facts and an honest opinion. We're good at many things, but keeping our mouths shut isn't one of them. You'll hear the most sensible and nonsensical things in one conversation, but always to answer your question in the best possible way. Smart, focused on the future, and definitely not complicated.


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  • Integrated DAM system
  • ETIM Classification
  • Standard connection to data pools

Meet our team

Chrisjon Winter

Data consultant

Jeroen Boon

Senior Consultant

Josien Jacobusse

Project management

Tristan Schoonen


Maxim Schoonen


Monique van Ree

Operational manager

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