The PIM platform for technical products. Centralized in order.

Your assortment is always in motion. Large-scale price changes, changing inventory, or a new product category. Skwirrel makes working with product information easy. Structure your data in a PIM system that perfectly matches your organization. Everything in one place. Easily accessible, easy to use, and always up-to-date. Centralized in order.

Leading PIM software in the technical industry.

Developed for the technical industry.

New update
Digital Asset Management
Make your product information truly complete by using our integrated DAM system for all your attachments.
Gebruik Skwirrel in de cloud en ben vanuit elke plek verbonden met de centrale plek waar jij je productinformatie hebt geordend.
Custom Classes
Create your own attribute set. Tailored to manage exactly the specifications that are useful for your product.
New update
ETIM Classificatie
Capture product characteristics according to the ETIM standard. Available in different versions, dynamic or Modeling Class.

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  • Integrated DAM system
  • ETIM Classification
  • Standard connection to data pools

Easy and enjoyable to work with product information.

People who work with Skwirrel can't say that working with product information is boring. This is due to both the software and the Skwirrel team. A bunch of nerds who enjoy brainstorming, quickly providing solutions, and if possible, like to add a healthy dose of fun.

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