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Is your organization reaching a point where things are becoming less manageable? Some information is only in the minds of colleagues, or you are too reliant on one or more Excel files. Ensure that all your product information is in one central place. It helps your marketing manager to shorten time-to-market. The product developer can work with accurate data, and the data management department can easily keep track of all data, including certifications, ISO certificates, or KIWA certifications. Skwirrel wants to know as much about your product as you do. Let the PIM system work for you and have more time to focus on the future.

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We are those developers you can talk to. Filtering technical jargon to get your message across is not necessary. Our API documentation is clear, and the help desk is not only super friendly but also technically proficient. You can effortlessly retrieve the data and quickly achieve results. We understand each other. Before you know it, we'll be sharing not only serious documentation and code, but also the coolest series and game tips.


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  • Integrated DAM system
  • ETIM Classification
  • Standard connection to data pools

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Delftechniek kiest voor nuchtere kijk op productdata
Delftechniek wil dat al hun productdata compleet in 2ba staat. Daarnaast is het van belang dat de producten goed worden uitgelezen in de webshop. Dat laatste zorgde voor nieuwe functionaliteiten in Skwirrel.
Integration of ERP and PIM system at DRU.
Enriched data and shortened time-to-market with Skwirrel as PIM system, for the leading producer of gas fireplaces and stoves.

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