Skwirrel in use

Delftechniek uses Skwirrel's PIM system, which allows them to offer all their products in the 2ba datapool. Skwirrel has the standard capability for data exchange with the 2ba datapool through the import and export of DICO files. Delftechniek uses this capability, including the exchange of trading information for approximately 600,000 items. Despite the large amount of data, Skwirrel provides the necessary overview for both Delftechniek's customers and employees.


All products of Delftechniek are offered in the 'Magento' webshop. The connection between Magento and Skwirrel was made by Elgentos from Groningen, with whom Skwirrel and Delftechniek have a close collaboration. The connection was made using Skwirrel's standard API. The combination of the API and the connection by Elgentos makes it possible to use the product data from Skwirrel in the webshop. Filtering of products in the webshop is done based on ETIM classification, which is retrieved from 2ba if available.

Upgrade of Skwirrel.

During the project, a new functionality was created within Skwirrel in response to a request from Delftechniek. This functionality is called 'grouped products' and it allows for similar products to be displayed in the webshop. For example, the same product with a different packaging unit or from a different manufacturer. Similar products with the same characteristics can also be added to a group. The 'grouped products' are a welcome addition to the Skwirrel system and are immediately available to all other Skwirrel customers after implementation.



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  • Integrated DAM system
  • ETIM Classification
  • Standard connection to data pools


Skwirrel served as a central source of all information, from which information had to be retrieved from multiple sources. Therefore, it was important that the collaboration between all parties went smoothly. Together with Emiel Hendriks from Delftechniek and Arjen Miedema from Elgentos, the project was successfully completed and resulted in a well-functioning system.

Customer review

"During the preliminary investigation for our new webshop platform, we quickly realized that a PIM system was needed to manage our product data. This data comes from various datapools, product lists, or we create it ourselves. Unfortunately, not all of our suppliers are standardizing their product data yet. While we did see a trend towards the use of ETIM classification among our customers.

Reinventing the wheel with an open-source PIM system with ETIM classification did not seem ideal to us. That's when Skwirrel came into our picture. It is strict in terms of use on one hand, but flexible enough to work quickly on the other. The sober view on product data suits us Groningers just fine. The clever features in Skwirrel even more so."

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