Step 1

Are you interested in a PIM system? We hope you will contact us to schedule a demo and consultation to discuss all your wishes and plans. This includes integration with an ERP system, necessary connections, the number of users, and what exactly you expect from the system. It can be simple or complex, it doesn't matter to us. After the appointment, we will provide an overview of your exact needs.

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Step 2

Once we know what you want, we will provide a quote with estimated hours to set up the system and get it ready for use. We are happy to advise you on which package we recommend so that you can work with your product data as smoothly as possible.

Our plans

Step 3

Agreed! Now we need to deliver on what we've been talking about all this time. The average lead time from interest to implementation is 2 months, but this strongly depends on the demand. During this time, you will work on filling the system with all the product data you have or can collect. We will ensure that Skwirrel is connected and integrated with your other software. Then you can experience how nice it is to have everything in order centrally.

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