Skwirrel cloud for live patching and upgrading.

Skwirrel is hosted in the Skwirrel cloud, which is located in a data center in Amsterdam. The Skwirrel cloud is a generic solution that enables live patching and upgrading of environments. This means that the latest features and bug fixes are immediately accessible to all users without the need for manual updates or installations.

In addition, there are other benefits, such as scalability, flexibility, and accessibility. With cloud hosting, server resources can easily be adjusted based on demand, without the need to purchase and maintain hardware. Furthermore, cloud hosting allows remote access to the PIM system, enabling easy collaboration from anywhere with an internet connection!


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  • Integrated DAM system
  • ETIM Classification
  • Standard connection to data pools

Frequently asked questions about Skwirrel.

  • What does the abbreviation PIM mean

     PIM stands for Product Information Management.

  • What is a PIM-system?

    PIM stands for Product Information Management. A PIM system is used by organizations that want to manage and organize all relevant product and article information. No more hassle with Excel files, but an unambiguous, standardized system.

  • What does a PIM system do?

    The PIM system collects and structures all product information in one central location from which it can be easily enriched and distributed.

  • Why do I need a PIM system?

    A PIM system collects and structures all product information in one central location from where it can be easily enriched and distributed. No more hassle with Excel files, but an unambiguous, standardized, system. Read more about our PIM platform and its benefits here.

  • PIM system benefits?
    • Work more efficiently and save time
      Because product information only has to be entered once (and in one place), this saves a lot of time and makes the time-to-market faster. Moreover, all product information is stored in one central location, making it easier to consult.
    • Increased conversion
      The optimized (and correct!) product information increases the chance of a purchase.

    • Better synergy between (E-commerce) systems
      By linking to so-called data pools with millions of products (e.g. 2BA, InstallData and EZ-base), the PIM system is enriched with product information.

    • Wondering what a PIM system can do for your company?
      We have listed the advantages of a PIM system for you.

  • How much does a PIM system cost?

    At Skwirrel, we offer three packages. Basic, Premium and Plus. Check out our pricing here.

  • Where are the attachments located?

    Skwirrel offers a PIM system that integrates DAM. In Skwirrel, all product data can be stored and clearly managed. All attachments and assets are integrated. By working in one system the data is stored in one place and therefore always consistent.

  • What systems can I connect with?

    The PIM system can be linked to your ERP system so that the basic product data from your ERP can be read into Skwirrel. Subsequently, the data in Skwirrel can be supplemented and further enriched. This data can be delivered from Skwirrel to your webshop or various data pools. Skwirrel gladly helps you to realize the links you want!

  • Where is my data stored?

    Skwirrel operates with its own servers where your product data is stored.

  • Why should I choose Skwirrel?

    Our PIM system aims to collect and structure all product information in one central location. No more hassle with multiple files with multiple versions in existence, but a single, standardized system. In the cloud, everywhere and always up-to-date. Schedule a free demo and get started in no time. Read more about our PIM system and its benefits here.

  • What data types does Custom classes support?
    • Alphanumeric

      • 1 question 1 answer

    • Multi-alphanumeric

      • 1 question more than 1 answer possible

    • Text

      • up to 19K characters

    • Big text

      • HTML wysiwyg

    • Range

      • From - to

    • Boolean

      • Yes / No

    • Date

Discover more features of Skwirrel.

Digital Asset Management
Make your product information truly complete by using our integrated DAM system for all your attachments.
Import & export
Makkelijk importeren, handmatig én automatisch exports maken in verschillende bestandsformaten. Krijg het bestand precies zoals jij wilt.
Grouped Products
A convenient and efficient way to group and present related products on a product page as one product.
Custom Classes
Create your own attribute set. Tailored to manage exactly the specifications that are useful for your product.

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