Benefits of grouped products

The grouped products system not only helps you keep the product pages on your webshop very organized, but also saves time when managing your product catalog. For example, if you make a change to the product description, this change only needs to be made once in the parent product (virtual parent product) and all products that fall within the group will automatically adopt the new information.

In addition, this system allows for related products to be displayed on a product page. For example, on the product page of a PVC pipe, you can also show the matching PVC connectors or glue. This increases the chance that the customer will view more products from your webshop and therefore also buy more. Winning!


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  • Integrated DAM system
  • ETIM Classification
  • Standard connection to data pools

Practical example

Let's say you have a webshop with building materials. A certain PVC pipe is available in different sizes. It is not convenient to create a separate product for each size, as this makes the product page cluttered and confusing for the customer.

This is where grouped products come in handy. With this system, you can easily group related products under one product page and present them as one product. In our example, you can group all the different sizes of the PVC pipe under one grouped product, with the pipe itself as the visible "main" product.

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