PIM and DAM in one system

Skwirrel offers a simple PIM system where DAM is integrated. No hassle with external storage locations and / or links, all together in 1 place. With web services, this data can be shared with other systems / platforms, such as 2BA and / or website / shop.

Product Information Management (PIM) makes the difference Do you have a large variety of products that lack the overview? Skwirrel is the solution for finding products in a web shop or for supplying data to wholesalers and platforms. Click on one of the blocks below and discover all the features, functions and benefits of Skwirrel. If you miss a specific position, we will create it for you. It's not for nothing that Skwirrel is called that: we are like the squirrel who collects everything and knows exactly which classifications your products need. We relieve you with a perfect PIM product.

I can tell the difference between 10,000 products
Can you?

A squirrel has a specific kind of intelligence. In his memory he can store no fewer than 10,000 locations where he can store his food. Because of this excellent memory he has no problems in the winter period. Skwirrel has just like the animal an excellent storage for product data management, so it becomes simple and manageable. Tasks can be divided and managed in a well arranged dashboard. Missing product information belongs to the past if you use Skwirrel. All year round you can count on us.

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe