Requirements and Desires of Martin Kaiser

Martin Kaiser GmbH & Co. KG, a global supplier and manufacturer of electro-technical articles located in Hochstadt, Germany, identified Skwirrel through Martin Kaiser's Dutch representative as a potential supplier for a PIM system. To ultimately be selected as a partner, a few ‘boxes needed to be checked’. Fortunately, Skwirrel was able to effortlessly tick those.

It was crucial that more than 1000 products, along with detailed information, were made available to the organization in a comprehensive and clear manner. Naturally, this includes easily maintaining, modifying, and updating all of this data, with the support of good customer service in case of questions or problems. The future desire is that the system can connect well with various systems, including an ERP package. Skwirrel can arrange it, and so it happened.

Consequences of the Successful Implementation

Like many other companies, Martin Kaiser also needed a more structured approach for all data that was still being processed in Excel sheets. By opting for a good PIM system, they now have access to high-quality data that can easily be used. Think of easier data usage, for instance through the export of price lists, and also simplified dissemination of product information, including international data exchange. The link to 2ba Holland (ETIM) subsequently facilitates easier data exchange with ETIM Austria.

The customer experience has also taken a significant leap forward due to the completeness of data and attachments. Customers are now ordering products that aren’t even part of their standard assortment and therefore are finding Martin Kaiser more effectively for alternatives.

"The support from Skwirrel is top-notch in every way.
Our collaboration is very pleasant and uncomplicated. The integration
also went smoothly with full support. All in all, we feel that
we are in good hands with Skwirrel as a company.


- Anne Kaiser

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